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An Exercise in Content Creation: Killer Digital Photography

In this post, I want to take a closer look at the process of turning keywords into content. Once you’ve found some keywords to target on your website, writing articles on those keywords can be a somewhat daunting task – especially at first. (The good news is that once you’ve got about 10 keyword articles [...]

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The Ebook Ebook Goes Live January 15th!

I am super pumped to let you know that The Ebook Ebook is finally done! It’s going on sale in one week – Tuesday, January 15th. I’ll be sending out some more information on it this week, but here’s a quick peek at the Table of Contents so you can have an idea of what [...]

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4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Website

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the coaching calls over the past few weeks. I’ve met some great people, and I always enjoy getting to see the websites that you guys are working on. I love seeing all of the great niches that you are working in, and getting to hear your goals and [...]

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Reader Mail: Can You Make Money With A Free Website?

A reader wrote in recently to ask the following: Hey John - I’m just getting started with a website, and I wanted to know if you recommend using a free website like Blogger or Tumblr? When you’re just getting started with a website, I can understand the allure of the free website options. There’s a [...]

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Thursday Links: Natural Backlinks and Lessons Learned From Micro Businesses

Two interesting reads for this Thursday morning: A lot of you know Fraser Cain who runs Keyword (which incidentally happens to be one of my two favorite keyword tools). He has long advocated a “No Link Building” strategy where you focus on publishing content your site and let the links take care of themselves. [...]

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Hi, I'm John. That's me and my wife. Yes, we dress up like this everyday. (No, not really. We were at a wedding.)

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  • New version of Keyword Researcher has been released. Great stuff, highly recommended! Check it out at 2012-09-26
  • Installing iDevAffiliate. If you don't hear from me in 3 hours, send in a search team. 2012-07-05
  • Looked at traffic stats on Friday. Pinterest is highest non-SE source of traffic for us. That's crazy (and awesome)! 2012-07-02
  • Can anyone recommend an email service with better testing/reporting options than Aweber? Specifically interested in auto-responder emails. 2012-06-07
  • Tip for grads looking for a job: Learn how to sell, and you'll never have to look for work again. (Why don't we teach this in school?) 2012-06-06
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