Aweber Responds To My Complaints

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about a few complaints I have about Aweber’s email marketing service. I wrote in to Support with my list of things I’d like to see fixed or improved, and they actually got back to me about it.

I gotta say I’m impressed that they would take the time to read the post and send me some answers to my questions. I asked Mary H., the Aweber rep that responded to me, if it’d be ok for me to post their answers here and she said that’d be fine. So here we go…

Complaint #1 – Allow split testing on auto-responder emails

Mary H’s response:

This is something that is only available when sending a broadcast message. This is something I will be happy to pass on for you as a suggestion.

Well, ok. It would be super awesome to be able to do that, so hopefully that will be available to us some day.

Complaint #2: Better auto-responder controls

Specifically, I wanted to be able to add auto-responder emails to my list and not have current subscribers get the new emails. I called

Mary H:

This is not something that is automated but you can change the subscriber’s last message number column.

This will help with controlling what message each subscriber gets. For example: When you added those additional messages we could of changed all the older subscribers to message 1001 so they did not receive any new messages. Anytime you want to add/move or delete messages please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in accomplishing this properly.

That’s pretty awesome to hear. I called Aweber back in March and was told there was no way to stop our current subscribers from getting the messages. Good to hear there’s a fix for that.

Complaint #3: Easier movement from list to list

Mary H:

I understand that you would like to combine a list or lists into one. From within the account we do not have this option available.

When lists are combined, the audit trail that is created when a lead is added to the list, is lost. Should you encounter a spam complaint, we would not be able to present that auditable record to the ISP, proving that lead did indeed request to receive your information.

We have also recently introduced an API. This will allow you to have a developer create an application that can automate subscribers to another list in the account.

The purpose of our API is to give web developers all over the world free creative reign to build their own applications that will help our customers utilize their accounts.

It is quite possible that a developer will create an application to serve that purpose. If you are a developer, or you know or have a developer, you may certainly work to build this application.

This is the only response that I don’t get. In the first two paragraphs, Mary seems to be saying that they can’t move people from list to list because they need an credible trail in case they get a spam report from an ISP. I’d still like to be able to move people from list to list, but I can at least understand that explanation.

But then Mary says they have an API that will let a developer build a program that will let me move people from one list to another? Did I read that right? What happened to the need for the credible trail?

I don’t understand this. Either moving people from list to list is something that Aweber has deemed unacceptable, or it’s merely something that they don’t provide the functionality for. If it’s the first, I can understand that even if I don’t like it. If it’s the second, I think that’s something they should provide the functionality for in the account.

Complaint #4: Stop reporting total opens

Mary H:

We do report unique opens. To view this please click on the reports tab. On the left hand side please select Opens over time. This will list the unique opens.

Yeah, I know I can find it in there somewhere. I’d just like it to be on the front page with all of the other data for each broadcast. But I guess, in the grand scheme of things, not a huge deal.