4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Website

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the coaching calls over the past few weeks. I’ve met some great people, and I always enjoy getting to see the websites that you guys are working on. I love seeing all of the great niches that you are working in, and getting to hear your goals and [...] Read more »

Four Improvements I Wish Aweber Would Make To Their Email Service

Edit: Aweber responded to my complaints and I posted their answers here. Check ‘em out. I’ve been a customer of Aweber for as long as I’ve been doing email marketing. Mary and I first put up an email signup form on our website back in early 2010, I think, so at least a couple of [...] Read more »

Interview with Eric Lass: Making $1000 Per Month With Kindle Ebooks

As soon as anyone thinks about writing an ebook, almost immediately they think about selling it on Amazon. I wrote a post about selling ebooks on Amazon a few months ago, and concluded that it wasn’t worth it because Amazon takes too much of a commission and limits the amount that you can sell the [...] Read more »

Reader Mail: How Much Money Can I Make Selling An Ebook?

My friend, Patti, who is working in the couponing niche and is writing her own ebook, wrote me and asked: Is it unreasonable to think that I might sell 1,000 copies of my book? Yes, I know there are a million different factors and that I should never UNDERestimate myself – however, that’s kind of [...] Read more »

Why Should I Email My Readers? – 8 Awesome Benefits of Email Marketing

More and more IM’ers and bloggers are starting to awaken to the possibilities of focusing on email marketing. It’s definitely one of the most important aspects of my online business, and something that I recommend everyone do once you get past the point of relying solely on Adsense for monetization. However, from time to time, [...] Read more »

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