An Exercise in Content Creation: Killer Digital Photography

In this post, I want to take a closer look at the process of turning keywords into content. Once you’ve found some keywords to target on your website, writing articles on those keywords can be a somewhat daunting task – especially at first. (The good news is that once you’ve got about 10 keyword articles [...] Read more »

Reader Mail: Can You Make Money With A Free Website?

A reader wrote in recently to ask the following: Hey John - I’m just getting started with a website, and I wanted to know if you recommend using a free website like Blogger or Tumblr? When you’re just getting started with a website, I can understand the allure of the free website options. There’s a [...] Read more »

Passion Sites – Do You Have To Love Your Niche?

One of the ongoing discussions in the MMO community is the subject of passion sites. There are several big earners at TKA that absolutely love their niche, and encourage people who are getting started to only work on sites/topics that they love. On the other hand, there are also some earners who have sites in [...] Read more »