4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Website

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the coaching calls over the past few weeks. I’ve met some great people, and I always enjoy getting to see the websites that you guys are working on. I love seeing all of the great niches that you are working in, and getting to hear your goals and [...] Read more »

Want To Write Truly Great Content? Here Are Two Examples Of How To Do It

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “I’m tired of hearing people say that you have to write great content on your blog to get traffic.” Unfortunately, it’s also true. People don’t have the time or desire to read mediocre content, and you’re never going to build a following or an audience with anything less [...] Read more »

Should You Make Money Online Or Blog?

My introduction to the MMO crowd (that’s “make money online” for the uninitiated) came in 2009, after I joined the Keyword Academy. I can’t even recall the number of people who recommended this strategy: making poor quality sites, getting them to number one in Google with a ton of links from other poor quality sites, [...] Read more »