How To Sell A Product Online – A Complete Guide To Successfully Targeting, Marketing, and Selling Your Product To Buyers

As I’ve said many times, the fundamental element to an online business is customers. If you don’t have customers, or if you don’t know who your customers are, then what you have is a website. You don’t yet have an online business. But the reality is that making money from websites is easy – just [...] Read more »

Do You Have To Succeed The First Time You Create An Online Business?

A recent thread on one of the IM forums I read struck me as very interesting. A lady, who I believe is fairly new to IM, asked if it is worth it. “It” being taking the time to make a website, develop it, get traffic, and build a business. After all, she reasoned, Google can [...] Read more »

Should You Make Money Online Or Blog?

My introduction to the MMO crowd (that’s “make money online” for the uninitiated) came in 2009, after I joined the Keyword Academy. I can’t even recall the number of people who recommended this strategy: making poor quality sites, getting them to number one in Google with a ton of links from other poor quality sites, [...] Read more »

Passion Sites – Do You Have To Love Your Niche?

One of the ongoing discussions in the MMO community is the subject of passion sites. There are several big earners at TKA that absolutely love their niche, and encourage people who are getting started to only work on sites/topics that they love. On the other hand, there are also some earners who have sites in [...] Read more »