Here are some services, products, and tools that I use to run my online business.

Building a Website

1 and 1 domains – This is where I register my domains. Privacy is free.

WordPress – WordPress is the software I use to create all of my websites. It’s free and easy to learn. Quick note – make sure you download and install the software on your server. Do NOT sign up for a free site at You want your own domain, host, and website.

Catalyst Theme – Absolutely fantastic theme for WordPress. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another theme. If you’re looking to give your site a unique look (instead of the same thing that everyone else is doing), definitely give Catalyst a look.

Building an Audience

Aweber – This is the only email marketing service that I’ve ever used, and I’ve always been very happy with the performance and their service.

Building a Business – If you’re going to write a freebie or an ebook, you can download this free program to convert it to a PDF when you’re done. Giving your readers a PDF instead of a doc file makes you look far more professional.

E-junkie – E-junkie is the shopping cart, sales tracking, file delivery system, and affiliate software that I use. Great product, and plans start at $5 per month.

Other Products and Services

Evernote – I’m writing The Ebook Ebook using Evernote. You can use it for a lot of uses, but I’m using it because I work from three different computers/devices at times (new Macbook, old PC laptop, and my iPad). Using Evernote means everything that I’m working on is automatically sync’ed to which ever computer I’m using at the moment.